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Some exciting news so here's a 'heads up'.  Over the next few weeks I expect to take delivery of a large range of fly tying products from Veevus  (Denmark), Frodin Flies (Sweden) and Sybai (Czech Republic).  As it takes time to prepare the website you'll start to see headings appear with no content. Please be patient. product will appear soon at great prices.  


I have put in place a very simple web based video call/conferencing system by which you can talk directly to me and should you wish to, see product.  It's really so simple if you have a computer webcam or smartphone.  Just call me, (Barrie) on 021-925006 and I'll talk you through it.  You'll get a login URL to use with Chrome or other web browser and a PIN number, it's that simple.  Stay safe out there.  Cheers Barrie