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SPECIALS UNTIL 30NOV19 - Details below.

1:  Buy 4 Intruder/Ratruder Flies (barbed) get 5 for $10.00 Value $22.00
2:  Chameleon Tippet FREE -Buy any fly line, Stone Creek, ILFF, OPST Head, Smooth or Tip and get one free spool of Chameleon Tippet, 2x, 3x, 4x or 5x free - Value $15.00 

Until 30th November 2019, stock dependent, I have two specials for you. 1: Buy 4 Intruder and/or mix of Ratruder flies (barbed only) for $10.00 and receive a 5th for free. That's $22.00 for $10.00.  2:  Buy any fly line - Stone Creek, ILFF Generic or OPST (Commando Head, Smooth or Tip) and receive a free spool of Chameleon Tippet for free, that's $15.00 value.


Simon Hoole Tel: 0210376047
Chris Beattie Tel: 0272236325
Bradley du Bois Tel: 0275639922


Peter Bragg Tel: 0210586725
Brian Willson Tel: 021667867

Stu's Fly Shop
Stu Tripney Tel: (txt only) 0211356637


Ian Cole Tel: 0272080188

NOTE PLEASE:  No orders will be completed 20th~25NOV2019, I'll be away fishing.

Belly Boat / Float Tube $385.00 - Boat, Fins, Pump, Bag.

Click pic for complete info. I never really appreciated how good these were until I started using one.  They are really excellent!


All you need - ready to fish, just add flies and you're in business.  Combo includes #4 10' rod, Reel, Czech Nymph line and Camo Tippet.  What a great price to 'give it a go'. Many have been sold to many happy fishers.  Check out: