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Tippet Spool Line Retainers - Set of 4



Keep that tippet from unwinding of the spools with a set of these stretchy retainers.  Colour coded so you can remember which spool is which.

Sure you can probably buy some cheaper alternatives but they porobably won't have the grips to allow cold or wet fingers to lift off. Spend a few dollars and make it all too easy !!! 

What I have done for my colour coding is: (Black top means I have blackened the top with a black spirit pen)

·         Blue                         0X

·         Red                          1X

·         Green                       2X

·         Orange                    3x

·         Blue Black Top         4X

·         Red Black Top          5X

·         Green Black Top       6X

·         Orange Black Top     7X


Tippet, Spool, Line Retainers, Stretch, set, 4PC

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